Welcome to the home of Bendigo's Golden Gadabouts

                                       What do  our Red Hat ladies do?


Our happy group of ladies love to get together each month for fun times. Dressed to the nines, we dine, shop and explore various destinations, traveling by car or train.

Our calendar of events is decided many months ahead, but is always flexible. See our upcoming events and you'll find something to appeal.

New members are made very welcome but there are two main criteria - you need to wear the purple & red, plus be prepared to have FUN! 

Of course, we endeavour to fulfill our Mission Statement* and follow our chapter's guidelines*

   Our ladies are all over 50, but younger ladies ar always welcome to join - they wear lavender with a pink hat.



 We ask our Red Hatters to help arrange events. By planning a roster of events, ladies can volunteer to take turns in hosting monthly outings. This shares the fun and also brings in new ideas for our Hatter Gatherings.  We all need to be involved to make the events more enjoyable for us all**

     *The Queen must approve the event and all invitations are to be forwarded to members by the Queen.

Hattitude: We attend gatherings and events with a happy friendly spirit and leave all our personal worries at home. We must behave in a polite and courteous manner at all times so as not to offend other members. Note that prospective members may attend two events before deciding on membership. Annual fees are $30 which includes payment for a name badge.

Hattire:  Members must wear a red hat and purple outfit, accompanied by red or purple accessories at all outings. Prospective members may wear casual attire of any colour before deciding to join. Hats must be worn at all times: after all, we are  Red Hatters!

Name Badges: All ladies have chosen their regal titles and are asked to wear name badges to all events. This helps new ladies to get to know us.

Committee: We do not have a committee - hooray! *

Newsletters:  These are emailed to all members. Hard copies of the forward programme and current newsletter will be available at each coffee morning. Input from members is always greatly appreciated.

     Invitations: We occasionally receive invitations from other Chapters.          These will be mentioned in our newsletters.

 R.S.V.P:  This is a must for every event - this helps with planning and bookings at venues. Please check your programme to see who to call.

 Queen's Royal Purse:  This is managed by the Queen in conjunction with the Chancellor of the Exchequer.  Our annual fees help with the cost of public liability insurance and incidental expenses. It also pays for our annual chapter registration to HQ. The Royal Purse will be emptied at the end of each year when next year's membership subscriptions are paid. This will ensure a great Christmas break-up for all members.

Membership Numbers:  We aim to keep the membership to 25 active Red Hatters. If a member is inactive for 6 months she will be contacted regarding her membership. The Chapter may be closed to new membership, at the Queen's discretion,  when it reaches its maximum size.

Children & Menfolk:  As much as we love them, we need to keep our Red Hat meetings child-free and ladies only. Occasionally we may invite the men to join us for a special event.

 Guests: Are always welcome. Please come along to see if Red Hatting is for you. No need to dress up or to join us, just enjoy. 



We are a global society that connects, supports and encourages women in their pursuit of fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment and fitness.
 Fun - we celebrate life at every age and stage

Friendship - we solidify and support the expansion of the bonds of sisterhood

Freedom - we discover and explore new interests and renew abandoned ones

Fulfillment – we realise our personal potential

Fitness - we embrace healthy, life-lengthening lifestyles